Classify data in a folder

You have created your folder(s) and are thrilled to start classifying all your information and files. It's the best thing to do if you want to always have them at your fingertips. 

You have not yet created the folder yet for the type of information you want to classify (expenses, insurances...)? No worries, we'll show you around through this article.

You'll see, it's a piece of cake.

First, select the concerned folder in your list of folders.
In this case, you would like to remember that you've paid a fuel refill for your company car. We'll select the folder "expenses"

List of folders

Select the concerned folder

Secondly, press the "plus" button to open the form and store the information regarding your fuel refill; date, amount, and paid for your company.

Open the form

Display the empty form that you'll use to classify your data

Thirdly, start completing your information in each field. You'll notice that the format of the field will impact the type of data you'll enter. 

Dropdown list

You will select one of the present you had defined when creating the form. Those can be modified by editing the form. You could also select, multiple presets, free additions..


You will add keywords, in this case: names. It will help you contextualize and ease the search of this Plugnote. Don't forget to press "plus" to confirm the keyword you've entered.

Select a date with the date menu: year-month-date

Finally, your Plugnote is completed! You can also add attachments such as pictures, PDFs, audio records,...