Connecting Plugnotes to Excel

What if you wanted the data you got through Plugnotes to be put into Google Sheets automatically? This can be easily done via Zapier! It is very helpful as the data can then be shared with anyone, even if they do not have a Plugnotes account. All you need to do to be able to do this is to follow these easy steps:


Step 1: Login to Zapier

Either create a free Zapier account or login into your already existing one.


Step 2: Choose the application and trigger

For this example, we will choose Plugnotes as the application we want to use. The trigger will want to use is the creation or update of a form so that each time this is done we can get new information into our Excel sheet.


Step 3: Choose the account

Choose the Plugnotes account you wish to use. If you have not already connected your Plugnotes to Zapier then do so by logging in through Zapier.


Step 4: Choose a form

Choose the form you want to connect to the Zap and for which you want the information stored in Excel. You can do so by choosing the name of the form in the drop-down menu or searching it manually.


Step 5: Test the trigger

Make sure Zapier has found the right form by testing the trigger.


Step 1: Choose the application and event

In this example we are using Excel, so you can just search for the application through the search bar or click on it if you see it right away. Then you will need to choose the event. This will be “Add row” so that new information is stored each time a new Plugnotes comes in.


Step 2: Login to your account

Login to your Excel account if you have never used Excel with Zapier before. If you have, then simply choose the account you wish to use from the drop-down menu.