Create a new folder by configuring a form or importing a template

A. Web


Hi, everyone, my name is Camille, and I'll show you how you can create your first folder by configuring a form in a few minutes only.

So let's click on add a folder. Once you have done so, you can either, open the template library and have a look at the existing templates, by clicking on the. You can then decide to select a few of the existing templates and create the selected forms automatically. However, in this case, we are going to create or form by ourselves.

Let's imagine you want to follow up on your delivery's. You will want to know which date the delivery is coming in when selecting the format, you then label the field. You will then also want to know, which supplier is concerned. You can either drop a CSV or an Excel table at this location here or simply enter the different items over here, manually. You can also decide whether you want it to be a single preselection without free additions or with free additions or if you want to be a multiple preset.

Next to that, you can also select a simple text to know who was in charge of receiving the delivery (person in charge), and maybe add a longer format to receive any comment on the delivery? Finally, you will definitely want to know which "status" the delivery has, you would want to know whether the delivery is complete or incomplete? Once your form is finished, you can save it to create your first form.

In case you have any additional questions or if you're missing any formats in this list, feel free to reach out and we will make sure we can help you out or let you know whether this format is on our development list.

We're now going to save our folder, refresh the page and you will see your first folder that is created.

I'm still available if you have any questions and if you want to learn more then just have a look at our next tutorials. See you soon.


B. Mobile