Edit content in a table


Hello, I'm here to discuss the feature of Plugnotes, which is to edit information directly on tables rather than having to go through each form individually to change something. This is really helpful as it allows you to save time. For example, if you go into "Equipment database client" and I see that I have three forms here and I want to edit some information rather than going through each Plugnotes, I can just double click on something. So if I know that this isn't Fred Smith that bought the computer, it's Max Killian that bought it, and I can just double click and write what I want and enter and it's changed for me automatically. I can also do it for dates. So if I know that she didn't buy the computer on this date, I can just double click the calendar and she maybe bought it a week earlier. And it changes for me.

Now, as you can see there are little pens up here and they say editing is possible, this means that I can just double-click easily and edit. There's also an orange pen, which means it's editable, but you don't just double click and you can change it in the table, you can double click and another little window will pop up and it will allow you to edit from there. So imagine I want to change this. It's not two but it's one. I can save and it changes it in there. Finally, we also have a red pen, which means it's not edible on the table. So if I click on it, I need to go to the form and do it from the. Red pens also show up when you have a shared folder that you cannot edit. So these are all red pens and I can't edit that at all.