F26 - Dropdown list table


Now, let's have a look at some of our smart formats. In case you're creating a forum for a quote, for example.

You will want to list all the articles, that you have, and you also want to list the quantity of those articles, for example. In this case, you can go and select a dropdown table list.

You will be able to list, for example, a table, depending on all the products that you are selling.

You will be able to allow multiple selections, without free additions or any of those other options. Now, when leaving the form and refreshing our page. You can see that when filling in your quotes, you can indicate the client select the date, of the quote and then add quantity to your list. You could also use this format to enter alphanumeric data, such as for quality checks, noting whether the checks are OK or not OK. This can be defined by you.