Global search Function

Hello. Another new interesting feature of Plugnotes is the fact that there is a search tool now. This is really, really helpful. In case you ever need to find something specific, but you don't know where it is and you have so many files. How to use this is you go to the sidebar here and you press the magnifying glass. And you can see that on the features, you can search different things so I can search the folders, I can search everything, the number of the Plugnotes if I know it, and the number of the folder. And that's it.

So imagine I know that I have a folder for the repertory of contacts. So I try to find that and I don't see it immediately. I can just search for it. And it comes up immediately and I can also be much more specific. So I want to search for something related to HP computers because I know that I have multiple forms with it and I need to find them. I can just type HP. And wait and see that I have something in intervention request waiting for me, for HP computer as well as in databases, I have something for it. And this is very helpful, so if I want to see it, I can see why I have it and I see the request.