Hidden fields

In case you would like to avoid re-entering the name of your client manually, every time you start a new quote, of course, there is another option. Today, by selecting a format F27 in the list of formats, you will be able to create a link between two forms.

What does it mean?

It means that the client name will be sourced directly, with the data coming from another form. In this case, we know that the form A003, is the reference to our client repertory and that we would like to see the first field of every Plugnotes in there.

As a result, every time we are completing a quote, we will be able to select one of our clients that are actually existing in our client repertory. And for the rest, we would be able to fill in the form as usual, and you can save the Plugnotes.

How did we know that the repertory of our clients had a reference of A003? This is easy because every form has a numeric reference.