Import or edit several Plugnotes with Excel



In case you created a folder, within Plugnotes, but that you want to import some of your existing tables, it is possible.

You simply need to click on Important <Update Excel template>. It means that you will be able to ask for an import template that you will receive by email. You can then enter the email address, you want to receive the template on, it can be yours for default, or you can add any other email address.

Moreover, you can edit the email you will receive with the template. When clicking send you will receive the template in your inbox, please make sure you check your spam because we never know where our email can get lost.

Another use-case is that you can ask for a table you would like to edit, it means that the existing Plugnotes of your folder will be available in Excel mode and you will be able to edit the table in Excel and then import it back to our tool. So let's go to our spam folder. And we can already see that templates have been received.

So let's open two templates and see how it goes. In this case, we have opened the import template. It means that everything you will enter in the folder will be then imported as Plugnotes. Please note that every line of your table will represent a Plugnotes in your folder. Please also note that you have indications showing which type of data is expected for each field, in case, the data does not match the particularities, your data won't be saved in Plugnotes.

Let's save this template in order to, in order to save it back to Plugnotes.

The other example is a template, which you are going to edit in order to change the content of a folder. In this case, we're going to edit an existing date in your table. Here again, the same specification, note that all the fields need to be respected. And by saving our template, we will be able to save it back to Plugnotes.

Now that we're back on Plugnotes, we will be able to import the two templates, one at a time.

So let's start with the modified edition table. We're then going to go into our downloads and select the table. When importing it, we can see that it has been charged. We are living the folder, clicking on refresh and when entering the table again, we will see that our data has been modified.

The second step will be to import a completed importable, so that's the first one that we have completed.

In this case, we have completed the import, and again, when leaving the table, we're refreshing, we can also wait for the confirmation e-mail.

So we here see that all the new Plugnotes have been created and that all Plugnotes have been updated.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out or watch our other tutorials for more information.