Plugnotes' options



Hi, my name is Camille, and let's have a look together at which options you have when opening a Plugnotes.

When opening a Plugnotes, you will be able to add attachments to it, you will also be able to display all the fields that wouldn't have been completed the first time.

Next to that, you can also ask to transfer Plugnotes, we are then using the same Plugcode system as for the form, your Plugcode can either be public or private.

In case it is private, it means that you're indicating the personal e-mail address of another user. They will be the only one able to access the content of your Plugnotes.

In case it is public, it means that anyone receiving your link or the QR code to your Plugnotes, will be able to read the content of it. When generating your Plugcode, you will be able to add a description to it. By default, you will see that it is the first field that will be used for the description.

Just as for your form, you will be able to copy the link, copy the Plugcode or download the QR code to share it with others. Don't forget to save your Plugcode, and please note that you can get good at any time. However, all the people who received your Plugcode before that won't be able to access its content anymore.

Next to that, you will be able to add this to your favorites, to your archives, or delete your Plugnotes, but you will also be able to move or copy the Plugnotes.

By doing so, it means that you are selecting a folder. And that you are verifying if all the fields and formats or matching with each other in case they are, which is the case here, as everything is a perfect match, you will be able to move or copy Plugnotes to another folder. In this case, I am just creating a copy of these same Plugnotes in my own folder. When doing so and entering my folder again, I will see that I have an exact copy of my Plugnotes in my folder.

If you have any other questions, feel free to reach out or watch our next tutorials for more information.