The missing piece in information management for businesses

After exchanging with entrepreneurs about the organizational problems that they encountered in their daily lives that we decided to develop Plugnotes, a solution that reinvents information and file management for freelancers and companies "on-the-go ”, the market's forgotten ones.

It is no longer a secret, we are inundated with a mass of information and it is increasingly difficult to find and use this information effectively. The observation is alarming: an employee would spend an average of 7 hours per week searching for documents, paper or digital. Storage is scattered over a multitude of tools, all of which require specific learning and offer different storage and research methods.

The problem that Plugnotes addresses is the lack of standardization in the classification of information and files. The more complex or extensive the flows within your teams or with third parties, the more important the structure.

Some solutions exist, but none fully meets the daily needs of the self-employed and SMEs. On the one hand, Excel and note-taking applications are not adapted to complex field flows: on the road, on site, in depots, at trade shows ... On the other hand, ERP and specific solutions often involve costly licenses and significant implementation efforts.

Plugnotes is the most flexible solution for organizing and digitizing the management of your information and files in all circumstances. Without IT development, training, or exorbitant costs.

Within a few minutes, Plugnotes allows you to organize and digitize the management of information and files related to your activity: administration, logistics, human resources ... Update and exchange information in all circumstances, thanks to digital forms, structured directories and a unique xchange system.

The problem that Plugnotes addresses is the lack of standardization in the classification of information and files. On the other hand, Plugnotes allows you to configure a personalized solution adapted to each problem linked to your daily collection and use of information.

Today, the app is available on IOS, Android and desktop (for enterprise subscriptions), the web version will follow in the coming months.

Take over the management of your company's files and information by letting yourself be guided by Plugnotes… You will not regret it.