How to save your SME money and lots of time with digital workflows

Paperwork, transcription work and inefficient information exchanges per e-mail and phone are a common problem we have been seeing among different SMEs for years.

A lot of money and time is being thrown out of the window this way.

What does this mean for the future of their business?

In this post, we take a deeper look into Digital Workflows. We present you with the solution to a more improved and effective version of your current workflows.  

Making you and your SME save money and time

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A digital workflow digitizes all your operational interactions, to make those accessible on a computer or mobile device.

Just think about all the tasks that you exercise within your company daily that include paperwork and transcription work, and the amount of time you might be losing while you’re at it.

And now imagine that it all turns into a digital product.

You no longer must worry about physically classifying documents, no more losing or incorrectly storing documents, no more delays when searching for it.

But a structured and efficient workflow.

Automating your SMEs workflows, facilitate the mobile capture and efficient use of data and files.

Need examples of often manual and unstructured workflows?

  • Monitoring of quality checks on production sites
  • Reception of delivery documents
  • Managing invoices and expenses
  • Gathering commercial visit reports

Need help with one of those ? Reach out to Plugnotes for 1 hour of free consulting. You’ll discover how we can digitize those operational challenges in less than 1 hour.

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In a world of sales, you cannot afford to manually complete countless repetitive processes.

When opting for a digital workflow among your company, you opt for a wide range of benefits. To mention only a few:


There's the financial gain. You are certainly saving money by saving time. At Plugnotes, statistics show that companies using our solution to digitize workflows save average 3h / week / worker and 4200 euro / month.

Not to mention the money you save on supplies like paper, ink, and toners.

User experience:

Let's not forget about the improved user experience and user-friendliness. This is applicable to both internal and external conditions. Simple and efficient digital workflows would undoubtedly speak to the employees. Working with you would be a breeze for your clients.


By reducing manual and paper-based processes, digital workflow automation helps the business to operate more efficiently.

Your team will concentrate on the essential tasks rather than the processes that enable it by removing these inefficient tasks with digital workflows.

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A lot of time, money and hard work goes into the search for and development of the right digital workflow for your company.

And considering that all businesses are not created and structured equally, there are some elements you can implement to ensure the right fit for your SME.

There is a huge selection of digital workflow solutions on the market, so you're almost likely to find one that suits your needs.

When researching the options available, keep the following points in mind:

  • What are your intentions for using this software?
  • How many people are expected to be using the software?
  • Will you want to use software that is cloud-based?
  • What rate would you like to pay and how would you like to be billed (one-time, weekly, or annually)?
  • Do you need convergence between your workflow tools and your current business software?

Take your time exploring all of your options before settling on one. You don’t want to find yourself giving away a lot or too much money for a solution that won’t meet your expectations and those of your SME.

Easier ways to digitize the workflow

Not sure where to start? Here are some of the best digitizing workflow solutions, you can implement and reach out to, to automate your SMEs workflows, optimize and facilitate the efficient use of data and files.

Link : 

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A well-structured workflow is what all SMEs want, but a digitized workflow that automates your operational processes is what any self-respecting SME with an eye for success NEEDS.

As paperwork and transcription work build up and start feeling more and more like chores rather then a productive and proactive task, it is becoming more important for SMEs to digitalize their workflows.

Whether you are a newbie in the SME field or you have been swimming with the big fish for a while now, you are (still) overwhelmed and set back by all the never-ending paperwork.

Having a digital workflow will result in a more efficiently operating SME.

Are you going to digitize your workflows?