Optimize the management of deliveries in a few minutes and without any technical skills.

Effectively keeping track of anomalies during warehouse deliveries is very important for retail businesses of all sizes in order to have a smooth flow of information.

❌ Yet paperwork and handwritten notes are still everywhere.

Consultation and follow-up are difficult for teams to manage.

⌛ Long, tedious discussions with suppliers are necessary, which wastes employees time compared to their priority, customers.

Plugnotes has easy solutions to fix this problem and digitize this process

Optimize the management of deliveries in a few minutes and without any technical skills.

Today, deliveries arrive in warehouses and anomalies are identified: quantities, anomalies, late deliveries, incorrect order ...

The teams list the anomalies on paper forms and by telephone in a time-consuming manner.

Therefore, consulting and following up on these complaints is difficult for office teams.

Plugnotes can solve this problem quickly and easily.

  1. Set up a digital form in minutes: efficiently collect information and files and optimize processes.
  2. Teams classify data and files from anywhere: let your field teams fill out a form from a tablet or smartphone.
  3. Consult the data and files collected: with the Web App, Excel or integrations.
  4. Also collaborate with suppliers effectively.

With Plugnotes, you can configure powerful digital forms in just a few clicks that you can share with your internal team or with external third parties; customers, suppliers or partners.

In all circumstances, Plugnotes makes it easy to collect and share information and files.
All information is available on mobile (IOS & Android) and on the web. They can be viewed as a dashboard or instantly exported to Excel.

Plugnotes can even be integrated with the rest of the IT ecosystem to automate the
information transfer: ERP, Microsoft suite, CRM ...

  • Simplicity of implementation and 100% team support
  • Mobile and offline use
  • Exchange of information as a team or with third parties
  • Centralization of a multitude of needs
  • No training or technical skills required

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