Chehoma digitizes its processes with Plugnotes

Wholesaler active in decoration for more than 30 years, Chehoma offers a collection of more than 4000 items, works with 300 suppliers and distributes to thousands of professionals in fifty countries. For several years, Chehoma has felt the need to simplify and digitize the processes in place within their company to improve communication within its teams. That's when Plugnotes came in.

1. Implementation of visit reports for commercial agents on the road

Chehoma works with a network of independent agents who visit customers by region and assist them in taking orders. The sales team in the offices collaborated until recently through irregular and informal exchanges by e-mail and telephone.

With Plugnotes, it took them a few seconds to configure a dynamic form allowing agents to complete structured visit reports. By asking agents to complete this accessible form via a link or QR-code, even without downloading the application, the sales team can  :

  • Follow-up on the daily work of agents
  • Generate monthly reports to assess salespeople
  • Centralize and consult requests / complaints from customers in a structured way
  • Consult the completed notes in the form of dynamic records or as an Excel table

2. Monitoring of anomalies in the warehouse

With more than 4,000 references and 10,000 m² of  storage space, the monitoring of anomalies was done indirectly through discussions between the workers and the sourcing team or was sometimes not done at all, representing a dead loss for the company. Broken, misplaced, imperfect items, there are many anomalies to list every day.

To solve this problem, the sourcing team configured a form to collect the data they need to set-up   structured reports  to efficiently list the anomalies observed in the warehouse. Each time the form is completed, they can complete the requested information and attach pictures to explain the problem: product reference, quantity involved, location in the warehouse, etc. The workers quickly learned and adhered to the system which saves them a lot of time and easily let them participate in the management of stocks which are updated directly without effort and all this from their smartphone. Thanks to that, the commercial team can now   :

3. Better communication between teams

By standardizing and centralizing the collection of information and files through Plugnotes forms, Chehoma has improved communication within its teams. Information is available to everyone in the form of dynamic records or an Excel table. In addition, thanks to the global search engine, anyone can find their way.

All this without the slightest computer development or technical knowledge!