CMR transport: how to archive them?

Archiving transport CMRs is essential for all companies that are involved in the cross-border delivery of goods. This is how a major player in the distribution solved this problem with Plugnotes .

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Did you know ? Companies that transport goods internationally must accompany them with a CMR transport . This "Convention relating to the contract for the international carriage of Goods by Road "confirms that the transporter has received the goods and that he is contractually bound to the principal, the retailer.

The challenge ? Transport CMRs must be archived by each player in the chain for administrative and conflict management reasons.

Transport CMRs include all information relating to transport:

  • place of receipt and destination,
  • the content of the delivery and description of the goods,
  • customs instructions etc.

Archiving of transport CMRs: from theory to practice

In theory, it's a breeze to organize documents in filing cabinets as they are delivered. In practice, it's more complicated:

  • transport CMRs are received in stores, depots, logistics centers and do not always reach the hands of administrative managers
  • in the event of a conflict with the carrier or the supplier, it may take hours to find the transport CMR associated with certain batches of goods

Digitization: the solution for archiving transport CMRs

How to avoid this? By digitizing the archiving of these transport CMRs directly upon receipt of the goods .

Too complicated ? Think again ! A solution tailored to your business can be configured and implemented in minutes and without IT development with Plugnotes . This platform will allow your teams to complete a form via a tablet or smartphone upon receipt of the goods, to scan the transport CMR and other related documents, to indicate delivery anomalies and to take pictures if necessary.

Advantages of digital archiving of transport CMRs

And after ? Digitizing and collecting this information has several advantages:

1. Eliminate transcription and unnecessary paperwork

Gone are the days when your teams received paper CMRs and noted the anomalies by hand on the delivery slips. Forget the inefficiency of the time when these documents were stacked in a box while waiting for the accounting department to come and pick them up to check them, scan them and transcribe them before sending them by email to the supplier.

With Plugnotes, following the completion of the digital form by your reception teams, they can transfer the form in one click to the supplier in the event of an anomaly to report. No need to transcribe the data, your supplier will be able to consult the data and files relating to the delivery via this form, without even being registered to Plugnotes. Best of all, he will be able to answer you directly via another form to facilitate the follow-up and management of complaints for your team. Their answer will be filed directly into the correct file and can be found in one click.

2. Synchronize your transport CMRs with your ERP

Do you want to centralize your information collection and an additional tool scares you? No worries!

Automate the transfer or reclassify CMRs in other management tools. Plugnotes allows you to integrate without additional development to any other tool (Excel, Sharepoint, ERP, CRM ...) and to transfer data or files to other systems instantly.

Discover the most used integrations as well as our partner Zapier, which allows you to make your wildest automation dreams come true.

Find your information instantly

Have you ever experienced a conflict situation with a supplier, which requires tracing the delivery? How much time did you spend finding the documents and emails associated with the complaint?

Find transport CMRs in one click in the event of a conflict. The search engine will allow you to access the right document instantly by inserting a keyword linked to the delivery in question: date, name of the supplier, etc.

Make informed decisions

No longer be limited in your analyzes because of the accumulation of paper documents and a lack of data to analyze.

Analyze long-term data by viewing it in tabular form. Use the filters to refine your analyzes:

  • Who is the least reliable carrier?
  • Who is the most punctual carrier?
  • What is the order completion rate by supplier?
  • Which batch of goods are regularly problematic?
  • How many deliveries are received each day?

With Plugnotes, you can configure powerful digital forms in just a few clicks that you can share with your internal team or with external third parties; customers, suppliers or partners.

In all circumstances, Plugnotes makes it easy to collect and share information and files.
All information is available on mobile (IOS & Android) and on the web. They can be viewed as a dashboard or instantly exported to Excel.

Plugnotes can even be integrated with the rest of the IT ecosystem to automate the
information transfer: ERP, Microsoft suite, CRM ...

  • Simplicity of implementation and 100% team support
  • Mobile and offline use
  • Exchange of information as a team or with third parties
  • Centralization of a multitude of needs
  • No training or technical skills required

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