How Plugnotes serves the Citizen Platform

Plugnotes has decided to put itself at the disposal of the great team of BXL Refugees, which fights every day for a more open and inclusive society with regard to people in migration.

The Citizen Platform - BXLRefugees aims to mobilize and federate civic and associative energies to transform societal representations and attitudes about people in migration and help provide a response to their needs that is fundamentally human and of quality by developing, if necessary, new solutions.

They now have around ten reception centers in Brussels which include apartments, hotels, schools, etc.

To meet the great ambitions of this project, the BXLRefugees team works with around twenty full-time volunteers and hundreds of ad hoc volunteers.

Having neither the right software nor advanced computer skills, the organization, registration and training of new volunteers consume a lot of time for the teams in place.

This is where, in a matter of hours, Plugnotes came into play ...

Update of registrations for info sessions

Registrations for information sessions are made from a form, shared by link on the Facebook events groups.

No need to re-encode and collect addresses in a file, they are all gathered in one place

Distribution of documents

The information and documents presented during the information sessions are distributed via a (QR) code that should be scanned or accessed via the Plugnotes site or by link.

No need to take the time to attach documents and transcribe information into emails, all information and files are centralized and can be distributed in one click.

Collection of volunteer registration forms

Registrations are completed via a digital form and the identity documents can be attached directly to them. This directly updates the registration file, the data of which can be easily viewed through the application and exported as a list in Excel.

No more tedious tasks associated with collecting, verifying, classifying and updating the database. No need to complete registrations on paper forms and then send them back by email.

Following the ease and speed of implementation of this first practical case, other very different optimization projects can already be considered such as equipment monitoring, internal dissemination of procedures, organization of deliveries and collections. ...