How to make tedious tasks more efficient within your company?

From one company to another, the missions and the content vary. In addition to the elements related to the core business of your company, other tasks are tedious but essential for its proper functioning: management of absences, cleaning, monitoring of equipment, breakage or even administrative procedures. How to manage those without wasting too much time and without cluttering the daily routine of your business? Here's the answer!

« Hello, I will be away today. I WILL send you my certificate tonight! »

Managing absences should be simple and effective, but to collect those, communication channels are often multiplied. Automating absenteeism easily, however, is possible. No more exchanging WhatsApps with your employees, certificates or phone calls: ask your team to complete the form for your Plugnotes, folder, attach the certificate and indicate the reasons and dates for their absence. You will be notified of all absences and you will easily consult the absences in your folder or generate an Excel table showing a global view of these within your company.

A Plugcode in the cleaning local

To allow proactivity of cleaning managers and let them communicate immediately by indicating the premises that have been cleaned, suggest that they scan a Plugcode (QR-code) displayed in the changing rooms of your cleaning service. They will then be able to complete a form with the information when they work and simplify the management of their tasks !

Track your pool of equipments and tools

It is not always easy to know if your equipment should go through maintenance in the even case of problem! To ensure optimal monitoring of equipment within your company and to know what to do in case of emergency, you will create a descriptive file and attach the user guides with Plugnotes and generate a Plugcode (QR code) for each equipment. Those who scan the QR-code will be able to consult the details and modify it, if necessary.

Our advice? Become more efficient and more serene about how your business works by generating Plugcodes and creating Plugnotes forms. It will also benefit your employees!