In a time of emergency, Plugnotes has enabled the Red Cross to manage the reporting of vaccination centres

Ensureing clear reporting is essential for all companies that have a field team. In this article, find out how a reputable NGO optimized this flow with Plugnotes .

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Sooner or later in our life, we all cross the path of the humanitarian NGO that is the Red Cross. Whether it is to donate money or blood or to receive protection and help in times of need, the Red Cross is always there to help us.

(He, you see what I did there? No? Cross path, Red Cross? No?)

You know what I'm talking about, right? The Red Cross? The world leader in humanitarian aid, who fights to protect human life and health, to ensure that all people are treated with respect, and prevent human suffering? This, Red Cross?

Which, through education and training programs, as well as their involvement in the field, can help prevent and treat medico-psycho-social crises. And by strengthening social relations between populations, they help to fight against alienation and marginalization.

the Red Cross has become an actor in the crisis

COVID-19 had a significant impact on the Red Cross and all of its ongoing operations, but it also gave way to new emergencies and new needs that needed to be addressed. To prevent new infections, protect against disease, and get the world to work again, a few new activities had to be put in place, such as pre-sorting, testing and vaccination.

The government asked the NGO for help, and counted on their responsiveness to ensure the pre-sorting tasks at the entrance of emergency rooms during the first wave, the COVID-19 tests during summer and vaccinations since this year. They were also called upon to provide additional assistance for the ambulance transport of patients to the various hospitals.

The Red Cross has taken on the responsibility of building vaccination centers and administering the vaccine to those in need.

A real challenge for the Red Cross

By being part of the solution, the Red Cross takes on a lot of responsibility, manpower and resources. This means that it has a certain responsibility towards government authorities and that it must be accountable to them.

There is a huge amount of information and reports they have to submit to the authorities.
Whether it concerns the activities, the resources they commit, or even incidents related to possible allergic reactions to the vaccine or the materials that are consumed.

Very quickly, they realize that at the level of vaccination, there is a lot of different and disparate information flows between the centers and the coordination which must be sorted out, because their current way of working is impossible.

Especially when several people are responsible for reporting these statements and informing the authorities. They are tired of juggling emails, calls, texts, individual and group messages on WhatsApp. Because at some point, they can no longer find where the information is.

The arrival of Plugnotes

Until they finally say, 'enough is enough, we need a structure and a better way to follow up and report'.

In their quest to find a solution to their problem, they contacted Plugnotes. Hoping to find an efficient and easy to use reporting tool.

Plugnotes allows the Red Cross to create a simple and efficient form in just a few clicks. The form can also be shared via URL link, QR code or directly in the app.

We spoke with the head of the Belgian Red Cross, Raphael, he told us that;

"Today Plugnotes clearly meets this need and more! It allows flexibility on the part of the user. Every day I can receive reports, CC two other people in the report, suddenly it is has become a very simple request, as I no longer need to transcribe the information. "

Plugnotes allows anyone in the core team, via a simple QR-code or the app, complete a structured form and attach documents.

Implementation within a few hours

“How did they do it?” You may ask yourself.

Well, it's pretty straightforward.

After discovering Plugnotes and having contacted them to provide them with an efficient and simple reporting tool. The following steps were applied quite easily.

They were able to set up their own personalized form in less than an hour and tested the platform internally. Plugnotes was launched in all centers three days later, now enabling the Red Cross to produce and export reports to the authorities.

The ease of making tracking tables, reports and still being able to use the same structure is what the Red Cross was looking for.


Through the use of Plugnotes, the Red Cross was able to save a lot of hours in the process of patient registration, vaccine administration and reporting.

We were as curious as you and just asked the question. Could you recommend Plugnotes to someone else? Raphael responded with:

"I would recommend it to other organizations. Those who are actually dealing with different reports from different sites, at different times, at different frequencies and on different topics. With Plugnotes there is less setting up time and a form for everything".

When we asked how working with Plugnotes is for the Red Cross, we got a response saying;

“Working with Plugnotes is great. Even if I “lose" information in all Plugnotes, I am still able to find it, because I know my reports will still be in Plugnotes.
Whether it is information from 3 minutes, 3 days or 3 weeks ago, I can always find it, I enter the date in Plugnotes and I find it.

For us, that's clearly it, Plugnotes responds to demand and listens to the user experience! "

About Plugnotes

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