Plugnotes presents a structured classification tool, especially for those who aren't

Pour la nouvelle année, fini la procrastination administrative, les retards de paiement, et les prescriptions médicales perdues. You will become organized and never feel stressed anymore! But how can these wishes not get into the long list of not respected resolutions from last years?

No worries, you just need to trust Plugnotes to structure the classification of all your data and files, for both your private and professional life.

What Plugnotes offers, is the solution to never waste time looking for information or a file when you need it. You will find everything in a few seconds: the presentation for a customer appointment, the business card of a supplier, the contract of your insurance, the date of the last maintenance of your boiler, the information of your son's vaccines, the volume of the comic strip that your spouse dreamed about or the concert tickets you had booked almost a year ago.

What’s Plugnotes' little plus?

The use of the application is very easy! By providing you a library of tailored templates, Plugnotes shows you the way to be efficient for any type of classification. You will never start from a blank page, your information and files will be stock into structured folders for each of your needs. Easy ! By providing you a library of tailored templates, Plugnotes shows you the way to be efficient for any type of classification.

In 2020, do you want to keep track of your family's medical appointments? Select the templates you like about consultations, prescriptions, or pharmacy, vaccines. Find them quickly by browsing the questions library or use the associated code when creating a new folder: G2-MEDICAL Every week, Plugnotes is designing new template for you. You can even challenge the team and suggest them new ideas!

What you need to know before you start?

  • Plugnotes is a structured cloud, each folder matches to a form telling you which type of information to classify and how to classify. There is no way of getting lost in a folder tree and file names like in your current applications.
  • Plugnotes centralizes the management of your data and files. You will not longer keep notes in a notebook and photos in your photo gallery, while both are linked.
  • Plugnotes is a kind of personal search engine, everything you sort in your tool can be found via the search bar. You will never look for the same info 10th time in a row anymore.
  • Plugnotes' Beta version is available on the Apple Store, Google Store and on Desktop.

So what are you waiting for to live a year 2020 more serene than ever? Download Plugnotes !