Plugnotes streamlines the daily management of "on-the-go" professionals

After exchanging with entrepreneurs about the organizational problems that they encountered in their daily lives that we decided to develop Plugnotes, a solution that reinvents information and file management for freelancers and companies “on-the-go ”, the market’s forgotten ones.

To respond to this problem, we met freelancers and entrepreneurs on the field in order to immerse ourselves in their daily lives and draw their dreams of management tools: carpenters, architects, lawyers, experts, restaurateurs, real estate investors, event organizers, business leaders in distribution andlogistics....All asked for an easy and flexible tool that would allow them to organize their classification and simplify the daily management and exploitation of information and files related to their activity. Today, only the most organized have found a match by assembling a large series of tools or by resorting to significant investments.

Plugnotesanswers them by creating, thanks to digital forms, customized classification structures and as close as possible to the particularities of each need or profession. Documents and data are thus centralized in a single digital library, according to an adapted structure. In addition to the library of templates offered in the application, tailor-made forms can be configured according to the specific needs of each.

n addition to allowing them to find the right information at the right time, the benefits of this method are twofold:

-               Information is used directly via the application or in the form of Excel tables generated in one click

-               The exchange is efficient and the information collected is instantly classified in the right file, following the right structure

In addition to offering a tailor-made   management tool  according to the profession of our clients, we also looked at their daily needs and those of their household in order to reconcile the storage and the management of their personal and professional information. So it is also possible for them to classify on Plugnotes the monitoring of their insurance, their guarantees and their purchase tickets ...

With the help of our small, loyal community of pioneering users and both freelancers and businesses, Plugnotes improves thanks to regular discussions and feedback from its customers. It is through the relevance of our collaborative approach and the continuous improvement of our concept that we want to win new customers and become the benchmark for classification and exchange of information both professionally and privately.

Today, the version is available on IOS, Android and Desktop (for corporate subscriptions), the web version will follow in the coming months.

So take control of your classification of data and files by letting yourself be guided by Plugnotes… You will not regret it