Simplify the processing of intervention requests in a few minutes and without any technical skills

Staying on top of customer service and management requests is important to maintaining a good relationship with them. Yet, it is a difficult task for many companies due to:

Mismanaged information overload is written on paper.

Information is easily lost or missing, resulting in longer processes.

Poor communication due to poorly organized recordings of calls and requests.

Plugnotes allows the management of intervention requests to be digitized quickly and easily

Simplify the processing of service requests in minutes and without any technical skills.

Today, customers regularly identify problems related to equipment: technical difficulties, equipment malfunction, external damage ...

When made aware, sales teams therefore list problems and machine details on paper forms via phone calls or emails.

As a result, managing all of the inquiries and details can be difficult for employees.

Plugnotes can solve this problem quickly and easily.

  1. Set up a digital form in minutes: to create a database for the goods you sell to customers.
  2. Allow customers to scan and fill in forms: create an easy way for them to request a service for their benefit.
  3. Ensure effective communication between suppliers and customers.

What will you optimize with Plugnotes?

With Plugnotes, you can configure powerful digital forms in just a few clicks that you can share with your internal team or with external third parties; customers, suppliers or partners.

In all circumstances, Plugnotes makes it easy to collect and share information and files.
All information is available on mobile (IOS & Android) and on the web. They can be viewed as a dashboard or instantly exported to Excel.

Plugnotes can even be integrated with the rest of the IT ecosystem to automate the
information transfer: ERP, Microsoft suite, CRM ...

  • Simplicity of implementation and 100% team support
  • Mobile and offline use
  • Exchange of information as a team or with third parties
  • Centralization of a multitude of needs
  • No training or technical skills required

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