The horeca can count on Plugnotes

As part of the new ‘Covid’ obligations for restaurateurs, Plugnotes has decided to come forward by offering them a simple, fast and efficient solution. Le Café des Minimes, Martine, Wolf, Wallen and others have already adopted it !

Since last Saturday, the hotel and catering sector has been instructed to keep an up-to-date register of all customers coming in. Each customer is therefore requested to share the details of one contact person per table. The restaurateur in turn agrees to delete this data after 14 days and to not employ it for other purposes/means.

In an emergency, the majority of restaurants have devised a paper questionnaire that customers fill out when they arrive or leave. Some disadvantages of this system: the data is not always readable, everyone can read or photograph the lists that have already been completed (it is not confidential enough), restaurant owners waste time transcribing them, and so on.

his is why we have developed, through our Plugnotes application, a solution that allows restorers to provide their customers with a digital form that can be accessed through scanning via QR code and to set up a private database for their establishment. Restorers can then delete the data at the end of the 14 days period promised earlier . This digital form can be personalized for each establishment. See small example below.

The implementation of this solution is offered by our team in view of the circumstances and takes only 5 minutes, while requiring no effort or application to download for customers.

Do you want to create your register? You just need to download Plugnotes and use the code G3-HORECA to import the template form. Follow the tutorial video below for more information!

1. The restorer prints and places the QR-code on the counter and / or tables
Form for client register
2. The client reads the QR-code with the camera of his/her phone, opens the form and fills in his/her personal details. The note is automatically stored in the records of the restaurant when completed.
Horeca register
3. The restaurateur has access to the notes from the Plugnotes application on a mobile or tablet. They can easily filter them to delete them every 14 days.
Excel for Horeca
4. They export the list in one click to Excel.