The key to being organized easily

How is Tony Stark able to manage an economic empire like Stark International and save the world with Iron Man's armor?

How is Captain America able to remember everything instantly and order his superhero band very well ?

How does Hulk control his frustrations and his little rage to avoid turning into a ferocious beast at an inopportune moment?

What's the secret?

We are not all destined to save the world every day. However, in our professional lives and our private lives, we face a lot of small challenges every day that require superhuman powers when they're combined.

Besides their extraordinary powers, the Avengers certainly have in common to use Plugnotes, a desktop and mobile application that allow them to centralize, structure and extract the best of their information.

The team of Plugnotes has identified the barriers to our everyday life harmony and conceptualized a tool that takes you out of the organizational chaos.

Imagine, with Plugnotes, you will:

  • Organize all your information and data into folders structured per topic thanks to forms. Those will be filled out each time you store something (medical follow-up, insurance, job search, client listing ...) to standardize your classification.
  • Attach to the completed forms all types of files (Word, Notes, Office, Excel, Photos, Mails ...) that you import, note, photograph or scan.
  • Share your files at the speed of light thanks to a link, a code or a QR code, even with non-users.
  • Find your information by typing a keyword in the search bar.
  • Consult your information and files through functional and structured files or in tables / Excels.
  • Organize your superhero days and receive calendar reminders on your phone.

Forget the vibranium shields and other incredible super powers, thanks to Plugnotes you have a concrete weapon to face all the enemies of your everyday life and the nasty waste of time!