Elle Belgium digitizes the organisation of the Elle Active Forum with Plugnotes

Elle Active is a forum offering quality content for more than 2000 women who want to balance personal and professional lives and promote their careers. This event takes place during two days in the form of conferences and workshops. The main challenges are to gather the details of the speakers, define the schedule and help visitors make the most of their visit. With more than 100 speakers, 150 topics and 2000 visitors, the organization of such an event is extensive. This is where Plugnotes comes in...

1. Elle: Organizing the collection of information

With Plugnotes, the leading team will be able to easily collect the contact and presentation details of the speakers by sharing a form with them. Once the information is collected, it will be available as a dynamic record or in an Excel table.

2. Elle: Coordinating the schedule of the event

Based on information collected from the speakers, the schedule will be able to be set for the two days of conferences. The staff of the leading team works on with same structure (pre-established form) and updates are available to all. Then, the details of each conference of the planning will be associated with a dynamic record available via a Plugcode (link or Qr-code) and the information will be updated as the organization progresses.

3. Visitors: Preparing for their visit

As visitors prepare their visit by browsing the schedule on the event website, they will be able to view or save the dynamic record of the conferences they are interested in including all the details; schedule, place, speaker, topic... These records are accessible with or without the application. By saving those with the Plugnotes app, they will be automatically linked to their calendar and easily searchable on D-Day.

4. Visitors: Instantly save the contact information and presentations of the speakers and take notes

By scanning a Plugcode (QR-code) for each conference, they will access (with or without the application) a dynamic record including speaker details and presentation materials. With the Plugnotes app, they can even complete the directory with their notes.

All this without the slightest computer development or technical knowledge! We hope to see you there next year.