How did Facq digitize its management of deliveries and complaints to suppliers, quickly and easily?

If you live in Belgium, you have probably heard of Facq or even worked with this company. She focuses on creating the house of your dreams by specializing in the distribution of sanitary, heating and renewable energies. Having been around for 140 years, they have since become a staple in their field.

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Facq gave themselves a goal of optimizing internal communication, a difficult task to do with 45 selling points, 15 showrooms, and 3 warehouses totaling 60,000 m2. . Mission accomplished with the help of ERP developments and solutions.


The challenge of exchanging information with third parties

Despite their best efforts, their teams were still dealing with some inefficient information flows. Following the optimization of internal communication, they realized that this problem was mainly due to communication with their suppliers. In particular, the follow-up of delivery complaints from suppliers: anomalies, missing products, delivery errors and delays.

When you receive a delivery with defective merchandise. You would need to:

  1. Identify products with problems
  2. Fill out a paper form and take pictures
  3. Scan the form
  4. Gather the information in an email to send to the supplier
  5. Wait for a response from the supplier in order to deal with the problem internally
  6. List the complaint report in a place easily accessible to others.

A chronophagous process. Now imagine this happening in warehouses with a total area of 8.5 football pitches with hundreds of employees. It is obvious that mistakes can be made and information can easily get lost.

In the absence of a centralized place to collect all the information, it is recorded on paper which is only accessible to certain people. Plus, this process takes up a lot of time that employees and suppliers could productively spend elsewhere.

It is also difficult to trace all the files from start to finish. Several people may have contributed, so the information is scattered across different computers but not aggregated. Finally, with this system, Facq could not analyze the situation. This is important for an importer in order to know, for example, if a company repeatedly sends broken products, to stop ordering them.

Facq decided to take this flow in hand and trust Plugnotes to help them

Thanks to Plugnotes , Facq was able to create custom forms adapted to their needs. The forms were then shared through the mobile app to people in the warehouses who need to fill them out. Once completed, these forms can be sent to suppliers with a single click. Suppliers then have access to a clear report of the complaint and to a pre-established form to be completed with their response.

The process is thus digitized, easier to complete and faster. In addition, everything is done through the web platform and is stored in different folders, which are easy to navigate. Whatever time has elapsed since the processing of a file, it is always possible to find it. This allows any employee with access to this information to easily obtain it from anywhere since it is no longer a hard copy. It also reduces the likelihood of errors.

Finally, now we Plugnotes help, Facq has optimized their internal as well as external communication. This will allow the company to keep expanding, growing, and realizing peoples dream houses.

With Plugnotes, you can configure powerful digital forms in just a few clicks that you can share with your internal team or with external third parties; customers, suppliers or partners.

In all circumstances, Plugnotes makes it easy to collect and share information and files.
All information is available on mobile (IOS & Android) and on the web. They can be viewed as a dashboard or instantly exported to Excel.

Plugnotes can even be integrated with the rest of the IT ecosystem to automate the
information transfer: ERP, Microsoft suite, CRM ...

  • Simplicity of implementation and 100% team support
  • Mobile and offline use
  • Exchange of information as a team or with third parties
  • Centralization of a multitude of needs
  • No training or technical skills required

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