How does Plugnotes add in to the Microsoft Excel Experience ?

Excel has been a blessing ever since it was introduced to the world. And yet we wonder what made it so special and why do people largely depend on Excel? The answer is pretty clear. It is the solution to all our problems. Problems like adding up 2 plus 2 or conducting the financial analysis of a billion dollars worth of investment in some multinational giant. Excel has our back.

The most significant benefit of Excel is that it allows the organization of hefty amounts of data into systematic spreadsheets and charts. Who needs a calculator when Excel is not just capable of doing simple calculations but is also programmed to produce charts that can explain the ‘buts’ and ‘ifs’ of all analytical solutions?

However, we are well aware of the fact that no benefit comes without a cost. We know that Excel has been a defacto standard for spreadsheet software and maintains a competitive advantage over other key players in the business. On the contrary it is missing out on one very important aspect that customers look forward to every day:

A lot of business individuals are not always in the office but still need to be able to stay connected to their teams from anywhere and everywhere.

This means that information has to remain at your fingertips at all times but Excel’s tools are designed in a way that hinder the sharing of data from the comfort of your phone/laptop/tablet.

Imagine rushing to an important meeting with a client and realizing that you didn’t catch up on the latest topics. You think of reading your notes and checking your CRM file. Just then you realize you can’t. You know why? Because you do not have Plugnotes.

If only you could go back in time, install the app, and enjoy it. But! It’s never too late. Install Plugnotes now.

Wondering what is Plugnotes doing here? And how is it related to Excel? Plugnotes elevates the usual Microsoft Excel experience for customers by allowing users to classify, exchange, update and find data and files from their smartphone/laptop/tablet, anywhere, and at any time. No more frustrations.

And the amazing thing about Plugnotes is that you can also delegate the collection of data to anyone. The ability to aliment these data bases or Excel tables from anywhere ensures that all team members stay on the same pitch. Besides data, Plugnotes users will also be able to attach documents and information to the same Excel file. It just gets better the more you discover. Doesn’t it?