The Barn Biomarket organizes the follow-up of its receptions with Plugnotes.

If you do not already know The Barn Biomarket, it is high time to discover them. The Barn is an indoor market that democratizes organic products and bulk food to make them accessible to all.

Today, The Barn Biomarket already has 5 stores, works with more than 25 suppliers and manages more than 5 daily receptions per store.

THE management of delivery slips, a tedious and manual task ...

At The Barn, as elsewhere, daily deliveries of goods are theoretically easy to manage, but the reality is often different. Tracking the missing, broken, or unseated items is always a big challenge. Without reaction and good documentation, these incidents quickly become the nightmare of inventory managers and accountants when checking and paying invoices or requesting credit notes.

Everything was done manually: the receipts were stored in filing cabinets in each store and analyzed one by one when paying invoices and analyzing margins by store. This is when Plugnotes comes into play.

... But not with Plugnotes

For 2 months now, The Barn Biomarket has been using Plugnotes to digitize and organize the follow-up of their receptions. Since then, receptionists can scan and electronically classify documents to track anomalies by attaching photos directly, if necessary.


A simple method

  1. They set up a digital form through the interface to digitize the workflow
  2. Via a QR-code system or via the mobile application, in-store teams can access the form, scan the delivery slip, photograph any anomalies and indicate whether the delivery is incomplete
  3. Finally, the operational team receives the information in real-time and can analyze it via the Excels tables or via the web application, including the appendices.
  4. In other words, having Plugnotes in your toolbox is like having a Swiss Army Knife, always up for new challenges. And available for all needs: archiving contracts, collecting visit reports from sales teams, or even managing quality controls on production sites, etc.

Many advantages

  • The configuration  is simplified: thanks to the drag and drop for the configuration of the form
  • Accessibility: the form is accessible to all staff members from a smartphone or tablet
  • Efficiency: each reception completed then becomes information that can be activated and consulted by the teams in the form of a dynamic sheet or Excel tables: reports, lists, analyses...
  • Simplicity: no technical experience is required and very little training for the teams using the system
  • Centralization: the method can then be duplicated for other needs: monitoring of absences, monitoring of contracts, directory of supplier contacts, inventories, distribution of documentation, etc.