Why do you waste time searching for documents or information every day?

An active adult spends more than 7 hours a week on average looking for documents, paper or digital, that they may have stored somewhere. Wasting time searching for information or a file is very frustrating. How is it possible ? We give you here the main reasons for this waste of time and the keys to getting rid of it!

1. You don't organize your storage efficiently

ou dig your memory, you search everywhere, and, if and only if you are lucky, you come across the information you are looking for. Often in a hurry, you do not store efficiently or you give up storing certain information and documents because you do not know where to classify them: your list of things to do, you draw it up in your notes, your purchase tickets, you keep them in your wallet, your inspiration and pictures, you store them in the photo gallery of your phone…

2. You don't name your files rigorously

Another problem lies in the naming of your files: the photo called "IMG_5893" taken at a conference in August, how to find it? It is almost impossible to maintain rigour in the classification of your files when you multiply the storage tools. You improvise the file names and duplicate the folders.

3. Your storage is not automated

Each tool has its own working method, which means that your storage varies from one tool to another and that no structure is defined in your classification. This highly impacts your efficiency and productivity, as well as that of your third parties. Beyond wasting time, these are documents that you can sometimes lose because their storage is fragmentary.

4. Your search results are not appropriate

Then, when you want to find a specific document or information, the search tools display unstructured results. Google will compile an endless list of results that do not necessarily correspond to what you are looking for at this moment, while the Cloud will not locate THE document you want. If you search there for "identity card", the Cloud will show you both your insurance contracts and the plane tickets for your last trip.

The keys to avoid wasting time and daily information? 3 keywords: centralize, name and automate.

  • Centralise your storage in one place, in a single application for example, and do not scatter your information.
  • Name your folders and files with a certain structure, including maximum detail.
  • Automate the way you store: define precise rules to organize your classification according to a single methodology

In a nutshell, to gain efficiency and avoiding frustration, there are solutions! If you want to simplify the task and let yourself be guided download Plugnotes : organize your classification to always find the right information at the right time. ou can also subscribe to the newsletter for weekly tips!