Apps that help Plugnotes in being Plugnotes

At our small, fast moving company everyone seems to be juggling with work whether it is coding our software, designing social media posts, marketing, communicating with customers and other third parties, and strategizing the company’s short term and long term objectives. . However, the productive management of these tasks can be pretty daunting and stressful at times. So, what do we do to simplify some of our difficult tasks? We use the following apps that facilitate Plugnotes in being the Plugnotes that the customers want.

Planifying Social Media content with Later

So, how does Later save us time? Basically, Later saves work to be done later. Did I confuse you? Oh well. Later serves the purpose of scheduling our social media posts for over a week. And that too in just 30-40 minutes. If you are very enthusiastic you can already plan ahead of 1-2 months. . Planning and scheduling is important for Plugnotes because we already know what we will be posting in the next week which leaves us some time margin to focus on clients’ and staff’s needs and concentrate on the ongoing projects. And if the social media posts need any editing, we can always go back and modify before it gets posted. This “angel” scheduler helps us grow and engage our audience all in a single place and monitor the statistics of likes, comments, and followers from Facebook and Instagram-all in a single platform.

Designing visuals with Canva

But what would social media marketing be without appealing visuals, colors, fonts? This is where Canva relieves us of our worries. Canva is a tool that helps us build our brand image in a way that it looks consistent and attractive. With the abundant amount of templates to choose from, it gives us the ability to design posts that are compatible with the theme/mood of every post we put up. For example, when Women’s day was celebrated worldwide, we were able to find plenty of related templates to work on. In short Canva is our go-to tool for designing and benefits us with a million stock photos, various fonts, icons, and a diverse variety of filters.

Communicating and chatting with the team through slack

So, how does Slack save me from such stressful situations? It enables me to keep a record of all my conversations under various classified channels-private or group messages and also the divergent kinds of discussion topics. The fact that it allows easy navigation and classification of information is critical for the Plugnotes team.

Communicating with our users through Intercom

At the end we’re all looking for a healthy customer relationship because good customers mean good business. So, how does Plugnotes maintain a great conversational relationship? The answer is Intercom. Intercom is a tool that allows us to support and stay connected to the app users by providing them high quality, personalized help at any case by layering human, self-serve, and proactive support. So, whenever anyone subscribes to Plugnotes, he gets an automated Welcome message box appears on the user screen.

Exchanging and managing information with Plugnotes

Last but not the least. How does Plugnoteshelp Plugnotes? All our team members use Plugnotes for various reasons whether it be jotting down important notes during a presentation, sharing weekly sales forecasts with the team members, and organize and centralize information and files.

What are your favorite tools ?