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Apps that help Plugnotes in being Plugnotes

At our small, fast moving company everyone seems to be juggling with work whether it is coding our software, designing social media posts, marketing, communicating with customers and other third parties, and strategizing the company’s short term and long term objectives. . However, the productive management of these tasks can be pretty daunting and stressful at times. So, what do we do to simplify some of our difficult tasks? We use the following apps that facilitate Plugnotes in being the Plugnotes that the customers want.

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The horeca can count on Plugnotes

As part of the new ‘Covid’ obligations for restaurateurs, Plugnotes has decided to come forward by offering them a simple, fast and efficient solution. Le Café des Minimes, Martine, Wolf, Wallen and others have already adopted it !

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How to make tedious tasks more efficient within your company?

From one company to another, the missions and the content vary. In addition to the elements related to the core business of your company, other tasks are tedious but essential for its proper functioning: management of absences, cleaning, monitoring of equipment, breakage or even administrative procedures. How to manage those without wasting too much time and without cluttering the daily routine of your business? Here's the answer!

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